2017; video installation; three channels, semitransparent mirror glass, objects, dimensions variable


The installation Passiflora builds a space that mobilizes the body of the viewer and establishes a relation with the image through the use of reflection, objects, light and video projection. There are two basic devices in the exhibition; one is the projection of videos on translucid screens. The other device is the installation with semi-transparent mirrors that proposes multiple perspectives of the space.

I took the starting point for the exhibition from watching nature documentaries. They are a fascinating mixture of scientific facts, family values, human conscience and an expression of mood. In my videos I try to approach to nature documentary as a series of personal encounters and sudden gifts. In the

exhibition I create a landscape, a spatial situation, which is inhabited with cinematic moments, scenes, fragments. I divide the space, I create walking paths - as a desire moves through you, you move through desire. The images accompany you.